My Minimalist Every Day Carry

I am not one to leave the house with every item I could possibly need for every contingency. I mean, I don't leave the house much anymore as it is (and I love that!), but when I do find myself needing to take a drive to the store for something, I keep my wallet minimal. I really dislike heavy bags and feeling like I'm carry my whole life around with me - that's what high school and college backpacks were for. Now, I only want to bother with the essentials, which decrease every time I reassess.

Phone. I have the iPhone 12 mini and man I am so glad they finally made a smaller phone. I don't watch a lot on this screen so the small size is ideal for me. I don't find myself constantly dropping it anymore. Regardless, it's something I always take when leaving the house. For safety reasons of course but it's also a useful tool to take the place of so many others - camera, flashlight, clock, etc. Plus it has some of my payment info saved so if I'm just walking with Hawkeye down to Starbucks, I don't even need my actual wallet.

Wallet. I only wear dresses and I have to be honest - I don't care that much if they have pockets. Pockets add bulk to your hips in dresses (the exact last place I need it) and I never use them anyway because I don't feel they're very secure. And since I don't have so much to carry that I need an actual purse, I find myself leaving the house with nothing more than my wallet. It has a chain to attach to the clips inside to make it an actual purse but I never use it.

Cards. Inside my wallet are my driver's license, credit card, debit card, health insurance card, and my dad's memorial card. And also my vaccination record but I haven't ever been asked for it so it may be time to leave that at home or in the car.

Cash. Cash continues to be king, despite the germ factor, and I just don't like to take my wallet without at least a small amount of cash. At least $20.

Keys. My car key (complete with bunny keychain) and the key to our back door. The front door has a keypad entry but I park my car in the garage out back so I come in the back door, which still requires the key.

Lip Gloss. I'd actually love to leave the house without some sort of lip treatment but it's not possible for me. I'm completely dependent on it. Right now it's this Lanolips tinted gloss but I change it up each time I need a new one. As you can see in the second photo, it's one of those wallets with a big pocket space, so it fits the gloss, car key, and phone really easily. 

(Water Bottle). I don't carry this all the time but if I'm leaving the house and I'm either behind on my water intake or planning on being out for awhile, I fill up a glass water bottle and bring that along.

Before you go asking about some other commonly carried items, I thought I'd mention:

Things that live in my car:
- Sunglasses
- Hand sanitizer
- Masks
- Bottled water
- Possibly an umbrella that I never use

Things that live in Hawkeye's stroller:
- Dog poop bags
- A bowl and bottle of water
- A mask

What are your essentials for leaving the house?

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