October PowerSheets (Goal Check In)

The last three months of 2021 are here! I've already started looking towards 2022 of course, but that doesn't mean I'm quitting my 2021 goals just yet. Three months is actually a ton of time to make progress, I would hate for that to go to waste. And it's nice to go into a new year with momentum from already having done well in the preceding months.

Before we dive in, a note on Powersheets, which is the goal setting planner I use: the 2022 line launches tomorrow! I decided I'm going with them again. There's a ton of amazing goal planners out there so you really need to find what works for you. And although I didn't keep up with my Powersheets daily, I did at least make major progress on all the goals I set and this planner gave me the space to track that. I considered some other options for the new year, but ultimately came back to this one. I'm probably going with the neutral cover, but all the choices are pretty. In case you want to order yours!

September Review

Of course, I always start with the check in of the last month's goals:

For quality family time, we did visit my dad's grave on his birthday, and went out to dinner after. And we celebrated John's cousin's wedding. We didn't make it to fright fest because the first responder's night was scheduled the same night as the nighttime home game for the little kid's football team John coaches, which is one of their biggest games, so he couldn't miss that. We spent other time together instead though, we ended up doing a day date at Navy Pier. And he went on a lot of the walks with Hawkeye and me.

I did set a budget for Halloween and purchased a couple of things. It's October that I really need to stick to it and not go overboard! Wish me luck. And for the home construction goal, we did get the survey done. I also got my two fall pieces for updating my wardrobe, I picked two Eliza J lighter weight sweater dresses on Poshmark, one cobalt blue and one hot pink. I love them both. So I have 4 solid color a-line dresses with 3/4 or long sleeves for the season. I feel very Kate Middleton.

Not so great on the routines goal. I did follow and edit some of them but the ideal day? Just completely forgot about that one. And every time I checked in with the planner, I made a mental note to start that the next day, but it just never happened. Also not so great on the weight loss goal, sort of stalled where I am. I did continue with the 75 hard challenge but not the couch to 5k. Or WW, I didn't renew the membership when it was time, I think I'll start over this month or maybe November, and get a discount code.

Blue zone goals went well - I retook the tests and went up in all my scores, including getting an A+ on the happiness one. Probably my most successful goal this year! And my podcast goals I kept simple, just making sales and batching content, so those were easy to check off the list.

Q4 Refresh

One of my favorite parts of the powersheets is having the quarterly refresh pages. It gives you space to reflect on your goals and realign them to where your life is now, as opposed to be stuck with the goals you set 9 months ago. Things can change dramatically in that time, we've all experienced plenty of that in the last 2 years. I ended up keeping them similar in the style of the goal but the wording is a little different. So now the goals are:
  1. Prioritize family
  2. Low spend season
  3. Start construction
  4. Try new routines
  5. Complete wardrobe update
  6. Lose 50 pounds
  7. Master blue zone living
  8. Increase podcast profits

October Goals

And now, a tending list for October to get some momentum going for the end of the year:

First up for prioritizing family is to continue daily walks with Hawkeye, to host Halloween (of course), watch my mom's dog while she's out of town for 2 weeks, and do at least one Halloween activity per week with John. I'm confident on getting all those done.

For the low spend season, this month is just about sticking to my Halloween budget. Always a feat, wish me luck.

Remember when I started the year with the goal of finishing the construction? Lol. Big dreams, little January 2021 Stephanie. Big dreams. Now the goal is just to start it, and as of September 20th the contractor told me we will have the permit within 4 weeks. WE WILL SEE.

I'm switching up the routines goal because I want to try a few new things. I set some really good routines this year to make my life easier in the realms of: cleaning, meal plan and prep, morning, evening, blog/podcast, and exercise. But now I want to tweak some things and try new things since the holiday season is starting and that means things change just in terms of how much there is to do. So this month I want to track and perfect exercising and meal planning for John.

The wardrobe goal is easy and coming along nicely. I only need a handful of additional things, like maybe one more dress and some black tights, but I can't be sure until I organize my closet and make a list. Easy enough!

Then of course is the lose 50 lbs goal. Keeping that as is until the year is done and I hit 50! Lots of things related to that this month - water intake, no sugar, daily weigh ins, exercise, and following my diet plan.

My blue zone goals are also related to weight loss, because I'm focusing this month on the plant based meal plan aspect of that, along with texting Megan every day (she's my accountability partner for what I eat!) I also want to check in on the podcast discord server at least weekly, since that's where I'm growing community.

And lastly, speaking of the podcast, I have a box shipping out this month so goal is to sell out, to sell some more candles, and to batch whatever content creation is left for the end of this year. Those should all be easy ones too.

Here's to October! What's on your list?

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