December PowerSheets (Goal Check In)

The last month of 2021! And the last month of my PowerSheets planner. I've been mulling over my 2022 goals (to be shared at the end of this month, of course), but I will not let this month go unnoticed. I think finishing out strong sets such a great tone for heading into the new year.

November Review

But first, the November check in:

1. Prioritize Family - Checks all around on this. We visited the cemetery to mark 1 year since my dad passed. And I spent quality time with my mom every week except this past one since she left for Florida before Thanksgiving. John and I also decorated for Christmas while watching Die Hard, one of my favorite activities.

2. No/Low Spend Season - The only goal I had for this was to finalize all Christmas gifts, and it's done! Everything is wrapped and under the tree.

3. Start Construction - Literally the only goal for this was to get the permit and the start date and nope. It was denied again and we don't know why, really fucking annoying.

4. Update/Master Routines - I focused on cleaning, meal planning, my morning and evening routines, and my podcast routine. Probably grade myself a C on this one, right in the middle. Neither good or bad, I just didn't stick with things as well as I should have.

5. Complete Wardrobe Update - Done! Totally finished updating it.

6. Lose 50 Pounds - I did my doctor's visit (all is well) and did the weigh in for the diet bet. I was not so great on the daily tasks of checking in on weight watchers, drinking my gallon of water, or weighing in daily. I do think I did those things more often than I checked off, because some days I just forgot to pick up the PowerSheets in the evening, but it still wasn't 100%. Enough to keep me on track though.

7. Blue Zone Living Challenge - I did well at my weekly goals of yoga and tea (tea all the time, this is tea season for me now), plus I tried 4 new vegan recipes. I'm still not great at the 80% full rule (stop eating at 80% full, so you learn to recognize actual hunger signs rather than always eat in front of a screen), so I know I need to work more at that.

8. Increase Podcast Profits - Yule boxes sold out super fast! And I gained some new subscribers over on Patreon, so, win.

December Goals

We actually don't plan a ton of holiday related activities. We prefer things low-key and since our families all live close, it's not like we need to make extensive travel plans. Which works out for my goal setting, because I don't have 20 other things pulling me in different directions.

1. Prioritize Family - I consider this goal a win already for 2021, so all I have planned this month is to celebrate the season and to spend time with my mom each week. She leaves for Florida (again!) in early January and won't be back until May.

2. No/Low Spend Season - Definitely a goal I failed at this year, and (spoiler) the no spend year makes my list again in 2022 to re-tackle this. So I'm not doing anything with it this month except making sure my credit card is paid by the 31st (I pay it in full every month, no worries, but my statement date is the 4th and I don't want to take anything into January to mess with my spreadsheet), and to finalize all my accounts. Like my podcast income and expense tracker. Just so everything is zeroed out and ready to roll fresh for the new year.

3. Start Construction - Since the permit was denied again and we're still running circles with this, my only goal is to annoy the contractor endlessly until I get an update that pleases me. I honestly probably don't need to put this on a list - I will not forget to do this.

4. Update/Master Routines - For the monthly goal, I want to go back and define the steps of each routine I initially wanted to put in place, just to make sure I've completed this as much as I wanted to. I know I still need to tweak the meal plan/prep and cleaning routines, so those show up in the weekly section.

5. Complete Wardrobe Update - No yellow dots this month, as the wardrobe is all done! Goal complete!

6. Lose 50 Pounds - Almost there. Hit it but then Halloween made me go back up, so now if I can lose a pound a week until the end of the year, I'll be back to having this goal done! So for daily goals, I'll be keeping some of the same that I had in November just to help me stay on track.

7. Blue Zone Living Challenge - Finishing out this goal but also including parts of it in a goal for 2022. So I need to take the quizzes they have on their website to see if my scores increased, as they should have, since January 1 before starting this challenge. The other three - the yoga/tea, the plant based diet, and the 80% full rule - are ones that I'm not as confident on and continue in some form into my 2022 goals. But more on that in a couple of weeks.

8. Increase Podcast Profits - Nothing major on this goal since it's the end of the year. Just continue to promote Patreon and try to post to Instagram as often as I can remember. I'm sure it won't be daily but at least the reminder is there. The main thing is the 4 day content batching / life admin weekend I have planned with Betsy. Also known as a 'get your shit together' weekend. I have a huge to do list, most of it related to getting the January content done for the podcast. I like to be as far ahead as possible.

Are you finishing out any goals this month, or are you taking the holiday season off and starting fresh in January?

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