November PowerSheets (Goal Check In)

A tricky month to plan for, but November is here and I do not plan on letting it slip by without making at least a little goal progress so I can finish out the year strong.

October Review

Normally, I'd start with a look back at October, but that's so not happening this month. I mostly failed across the board but I also largely didn't check in, so the daily section looks worse than it was. I had put my planner away what with all the Halloween decor and craziness going on, and since the upstairs (where my office will be) isn't done - or started for that matter - I really had no good spot to leave it out and open to check in with every day. Something I need to make a priority when I use this same system in 2022. So anyway, no review, on to November and starting anew.

November Goals

Planning November (and December) goals is a delicate balance. It's a really busy time of year, and an emotional one for me since it's one year since my dad died and also my birthday. Talk about a roller coaster. I don't want to just sit and do nothing - the time will pass anyway, might as well make goal progress - but I also don't want to plan so much that I just can't get to it all and feel defeated.

So on the list are some things I definitely will do to prioritize family. Some 'easy wins', if you will: visiting the cemetery, decorating for Christmas/Yule (which I always do by Thanksgiving), and spending quality time each week with my mom, as soon as she's home from Florida.

Not much to report on the 'no/low spend year' front. I pretty well dropped that goal, and I'll be picking it up again for 2022. The only thing I want to check in with in terms of spending this month is to finalize Christmas gifts. I think everything is done but there may be a few last tidbits to pick up.

Another not much to report goal is on the construction. We're supposed to have a permit any day now, though I've heard that story before, so the goal this month is to get a definite start date. That's it, just one simple goal. A start date. Too much to ask? Entirely possible.

Two other goals are also easy for this month - completing my wardrobe and increasing podcast income. Based on the list I made last month and the earmuffs I already know John got me for my birthday, I think my updated wardrobe is totally complete. I just want to look over the list again and fix up the closet and it'll be officially crossed off the list. And there's not much to do on the podcast front since the year is winding down, just to get out the last subscription box of 2021 and work on getting more patrons.

The other three goals is where I'll be spending the most effort this month. First, routines. I think this is close to being checked off the list for good. I set up all sorts of routines this year to keep me on track and this is the month to just mentally make note of each one and make sure they're still working. Nothing is very complicated - morning routine is teeth and skincare, making coffee for me and breakfast for John and Hawkeye, getting a walk in. The others are equally simple. So just paying attention to those things and making sure I'm not missing anything. They're already doing what they're supposed to by putting my habits on autopilot, but a final check in wouldn't hurt!

And the final two go together, which is the losing 50 lbs goal and the Blue Zones living challenge. I think I'm close on the 50 lbs but I did not weigh in in October and I'm certainly not doing it until the Halloween party bloat wears off, which means yes, I already missed two days of the daily weigh in goal (fine by me.) Just doing the last push this month and next by starting a new diet bet on the 5th, tracking my meals on WW, and drinking proper water. I'll also be checking in with the doctor this month, because I still have foot pain (which I've been whining about since Halloween 2020 and have done exactly nothing to alleviate) and some strange stomach pain we need to discuss. I consider this to go hand in hand with my blue zones goals of doing weekly yoga with some wind-down tea as low impact exercise, trying some new vegan recipes to help with the stomach pains, and follow the 'stop eating when 80% full rule' or just generally to eat mindfully, for the same reason.

I don't think it's too much, since it's all so closely intwined, but we will see!

What do you have planned for November?

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