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My 2022 Goals and Plans

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Like I talked about last week, I've got my goals all planned out for 2022. Which means I'm setting 8 year long goals! Some stretch, some progress and maintenance. Like the system suggests, I tried not to make each one a stretch goal, so I don't get discouraged or burnt out. 

Top 8 Goals

In no particular order of importance, just in the order of the colored flags. I placed them in rainbow order,  and then matched the goal to the color it matches best in my head. The Powersheets system actually has a color coding option, but it doesn't match what I think it should be so I made my own. 

1. Get Married. Ha, yep, we decide we'll finally do that in 2022. Like actually sign the papers, which we've been putting off forever because I just don't believe in marriage. But, as per the rules of both unions John is part of, I'm only entitled to his pension payments (should he die first) if we get married or do a civil union. And he really wants that money to go somewhere, rather than back to the city, and it can only go to a spouse. Could I fight it up the court system as being a civil liberties violation? Sure. But who has the time or energy? So sometime this spring or summer, we'll go ahead and sign the papers. I wish it was as easy as I make it sound, but there's actual applications to apply and pay for, get signed, find a minister to stamp it, get sent back in to the state, and John really wants his immediate family there which means my mom too and she wants to do at least a little dinner reception at a restaurant plus she's insisting on passing down a diamond and getting a new setting for it, and I've already had to talk her out of a dress and flowers, and do you see how this starts getting out of hand? It's a bigger goal that it seems like and I'll honestly be happy when it's all done. Don't mistake me, I love John, and I will be happy to be married to him, but the whole papers and party thing is my personal definition of hell. I'm here for the legal stuff though - the prenups (everyone should have a prenup, don't let anyone tell you otherwise), updating insurances, updating wills and powers of attorney, even taxes. That stuff is a breeze for me compared to the party aspect.

2. Happy House, Happy Spouse. Don't worry, in my head I know what this means. I just thought it made a fun name, easy to remember. This is about carrying over some of the helpful things I implemented in 2021 to keep the house running smoothly - my cleaning routine, the meal planning and prep, making the space feel homey and uncluttered. Keeping up with these things means they don't pile up and drive me insane. It's also about the homemaker aspect this year and creating a space that guests feel welcome to just drop by. And where I don't feel panicked by that idea! In the specific day to day, that means getting myself ready every morning instead of lounging in pjs until noon (or all day....), having snacks and drinks on hand in a clean kitchen, keeping the guest room stocked and tidy. These things make myself happy and less stressed but they make John happy too. So the happy spouse part applies to both of us. Definitely fits with my 'serenity' word of the year.

3. Get My Concealed Carry License. I already have a firearms owner identification card (FOID card), but I've always really wanted to get my concealed carry license for the state of Illinois. That means you can carry it places (safely, there are rules in place) in your purse or car, or in my case, the base of Hawkeye's stroller. Look, we have to have a Chicago address due to John's job and some people are perfectly comfortable living within the city limits and not having a gun and/or not having it on their person most of the time. I am not one of those people. I've carried my giant ass taser around with me since I started law school in 2007 and have never had to use it. I expect the same with my gun, but I feel better having it on me anyway. So, to get my license, you have to complete 16 hours of a training course on laws, safety, gun cleaning, etc. I also want additional range time under my belt, and then I want to buy my own gun once I determine which I can handle the best. Ideally, it will be pink, because I'm still me after all. This goal is more on the fun end than the 'make me a better person' end like the health or finance goals, but it's good to have that balance.

4. No Spend Year. One thing that stuck in my mind was that I really didn't accomplish this goal last year. Spending was down in certain areas, up in others, and overall I didn't track it like I had intended. I even switched it to 'stick to new budget' halfway through the year. And I really don't like feeling as if I didn't accomplish a goal. So I decided to renew it for 2022. I have a new plan in place for tracking so I feel more prepared, and I've clearly outlined rules for myself. It's a good year to tackle this too; if I want to make a profit off the podcast rather than return to a lawyer job (see goal #8), it will naturally be a pay cut and I need to adjust my spending accordingly and be more strict than I was last year. I'll probably dedicate a full post in January to the in and outs of this particular goal.

5. No Sugar Year. I actually did a few months of this in the middle of this year, but then didn't follow it in September and October - when Halloween candy hit the house. I don't even like candy, but when it's there, I start eating it, and then continue eating it. Because that's the addictive properties of sugar. I really want to do a full year of no sugar. I thought I had made pretty good rules for myself in this post, but I didn't track it and that's part of the reason I fell off the plan. But I know I feel so much better when I don't eat sugar. It's a remarkable difference, I can feel it affect me more than vegetables, proper sleep, water intake, exercise, or any other healthy habit. I know it gives me terrible headaches, among other things. So I'm re-committing to this goal for the full year of 2022. I'll probably focus those rules a bit more, so there's no doubts or wiggle room.

6. How Not to Die Year (Vegan Year). This is sort of a carry over from 2021 as well, when I did the Blue Zone year. I concentrated on the 9 points that researchers found lead to living a long, healthy life. I'm very confident on how I did on the community, purpose, happiness, etc. side of things, but not as confident on eating properly. How Not to Die is a book that advocates for a plant based eating plan, and each chapter outlines the foods you should eat to avoid the top diseases that kill Americans every year. Specifically the author outlines his 'Daily Dozen' or the 12 things you should eat daily, including beans, greens, fruits, etc. There's even an app to make tracking it easier. It also tracks proper water intake and has a place for tracking vitamins and 90 minutes of moderate daily exercise, which are the other things that I wanted to concentrate on. So it encompasses quite a few healthy habits into one goal. I want to work my way up to checking everything off in the app, every day.

7. Kate Middleton Energy. Like the concealed carry goal, this is more on the fun end and more of a mindset goal rather than one with specific milestones and steps to take every month. Again, didn't want to overload myself with a bunch of stretch goals and I think I have enough on my plate with the rest of this list. One of the goals over on my 101 in 1001 list is to study and emulate a role model, and that role model is Kate Middleton. I absolutely adore her and her quiet confidence. And her style of course. Now, I don't have a team to help me get ready in the morning, nor do I have a PR coach to watch what I say and how it comes across, but that doesn't mean I can't apply similar principles. A few moments of pause to consider 'what would Kate do?' before reacting.

8. Build a Successful Business. I'm not going back to lawyering, so it just makes sense to bring in more income through the podcast, which is a hobby I actually enjoy. During the first year of the podcast, it got to 100k listens. In this past year, it got to 500k+, 4k+ Instagram followers, and almost 3k YouTube subscribers. Not that the number count is everything, but it is a good benchmarker to track by, and those numbers directly indicate income and income potential. So I set some lofty goals in this area for 2022 (1 million listens, 10k on Instagram and YouTube, 200+ patrons over on Patreon). Definitely a stretch goal. I think hitting all of those milestones would reflect that I'm creating content that people find useful, which is the ultimate goal. Lots of baby steps involved in this goal, so I'll really need the planner to break this one down!

And that's what I have planned - a busy 2022, but I'm really excited to work on these things. I'll be checking in monthly on the blog, as was my system in 2021. It gives me accountability to have to report back here every month and discuss how things are going. In fact, this is probably a good space to mention what will happen with this space in 2022. It will still be here of course, but it will mostly be a space to write about these various goals. I don't have any other plans for blog posts that don't involve chatting about these 8 things in some way. Most of the people who check in here already know this from 2021, but it's a good reminder anyway.

Have you set any 2022 goals? I'm here if you need an accountability partner!

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