What I Got for Christmas

Happy weird no man's land week between Christmas and New Years Eve, where no one can focus and nothing gets accomplished except eating leftovers and maybe getting all the recycling out after Christmas morning. Maybe. It's such a strange week, where time somehow just... doesn't exist. And since I preemptively got the goal setting posts out of the way, today we're keeping it low-key and I'm sharing some of the things I got for Christmas. 

Now, I say Christmas because that's what everyone who gives me gifts observes. I observe Yule and I give them Yule gifts, but the idea is the same. I don't share what I got to brag, nothing is super extravagant, I just really like seeing what other people got for the holidays so I'm getting the ball rolling. To see what people enjoy, and what their loved ones picked for them. I'm nosy, yes, but I think it's nice to see how others have been celebrating this time. Anyway, on to the list:

Candy Cane Frangos. Which is such a Chicago thing, I know. It's the chocolate line that was sold at Marshall Fields, and then when Macy's took over, they kept them because they're hugely popular. Here at least, I don't know about elsewhere. But John's mom always gets them for us. There's a few different kinds and she remembers all our favorites - mine is candy cane (which is only out at Christmas time), Julie and Beth like caramel, Eric likes the original, etc. So she always has them in our stockings.

Candles! I don't know why people are against candles as a gift, it's one of my very favorite things to receive. Everyone knows how much I love Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles, in almost every scent, so they tend to include at least one with their gift and I could not be happier. There is always a candle going in this house. I love the smell and the little flickers of light. It's comforting. And I never have a huge back stock - even when I get 8 candles for Christmas, I'm through them in a couple of months!

Le Creuset Pot in Nectar. My bff Ida got this for me, it's SO pretty! I am really excited to have it, because these pots are amazing. My mom has a couple pieces and I wanted one of my own, so Ida delivered. In Hawkeye yellow.

Kettlebell. This was on my list because kettlebells are a great work out. Kettlebell swings are at least, with a 35 lb bell. It's a super simple way to get more exercise into my day - a few swings each time I pass the bell.

Edible Glitter. I like my vodka drinks to swirl with glitter, sue me.

Earmuffs. I had a hat for winter but I really don't like stuff on my head like that, they slip off from all my hair. I had mentioned wanting to get earmuffs but totally forgot about it. John didn't though, so it was super sweet to find these under the tree!

Halloween Decor. John's mom always gets us more stuff for Halloween. We can't get enough! She usually gifts it in October but she does save some stuff for under the Christmas tree. And we always love it. 

Practical Items. John's family loves 'gifts you can open' even though I would take a gift card any day. So I decided to make a wish list full of practical items. Hey, it's less money I have to spend in 2022! Think floor cleaner, vacuum bags, water filters, hand sanitizer, napkins for parties, lotion, chap stick, dog treats, etc. I couldn't be happier with it, I hope that means I can stick even more closely to my no spend year rules! And there were gift cards too, which is always appreciated, plus my mom got me my skincare set so I can now go the first few months of the year without stepping in a store, at least!

Challenge Journals. One for the 75 Hard challenge, which I'm starting (again!) with my friend Megan on January 1, and one for a 4-week Blue Zones challenge, which I'm going to do in the spring some time. I love having concrete steps and someplace to track them, so I'm very excited to tap into these when the new year starts.

Cousin Gift! John's cousin Luke and his wife Rachel always hand-make some sort of game and theme it with family members. They enter all the cousins (and spouses) into the giveaway and this year, I won! Grandparents checkers, I love it and it's adorable.

What did you get for the holidays? And what did you give that you were excited for the recipient to open?

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