January Goals, a Fresh Start (PowerSheets Tending List)

Welcome, 2022. I love your fresh start energy, and I'm ready to get back at it with all new goals. And naturally, since I got the same PowerSheets system as last year, I'm kicking it off with my brand new tending list.

December Recap

Of course, I did finish out December, so I wouldn't want to skip the recap and chat about how I feel like I did on each goal:

1. Prioritize Family - A on this goal for the year! We did celebrate the season and I spent time with my mom (after she finally returned from Florida!), so this month's goals were completed, too.

2. No/Low Spend Season - Overall this goal was a fail for this past year, which is why it's moved to the 2022 list. But I did pay the credit card and finalize all the necessary accounts and spreadsheets, so everything is clear and fresh for this year.

3. Start Construction - Annoyed him almost daily, it was certainly a win as far as that goes! But this goal went nowhere this past year, ugh.

4. Update/Master Routines - Solid B for this goal for the year. I went ahead and finalized what all the routines were and all the steps, and I really have made significant progress on this for the year. I did well at the cleaning and meal planning routines this past month, but they are something I'm going to work on in 2022 too.

5. Complete Wardrobe Update - This was done last month, so A for the year, this one is complete.

6. Lose 50 Pounds - I did not hit 50 but honestly I still give myself an A. Is that allowed? I did way more healthy eating and exercising this year than ever in my life so I am not beating myself up over that last 10 pounds. I can do it in 2022. If numbers don't trigger you, read on: I went from 220 to 180. I wanted to hit 170 and 160 is the max for my height, and I can keep working on that (though those BMI charts just don't seem accurate to me so I'll reassess when I get closer.)

7. Blue Zone Living Challenge - Finished strong with the plant based diet and 80% full rule. Plus added in more yoga and tea. I took the quizzes and went way up across the board since the start of 2021, which is great. Succeeded at this goal for sure, though the vegan diet part is continuing into the 2022 goal plans.

8. Increase Podcast Profits - I did a huge content batching weekend, and spent the month regularly promoting Patreon and posting to YouTube, so I finished strong. I did go up from the first two quarters, so overall this goal was a win, and I did surpass the goal I set on day one for income for the year. A on this goal!

January Tending List

And now, on to January! I already shared what my 2022 goals are, so here's what I have planned for January:

1. Get Married - Starting this month super simple with just making a full task list. I like to get all the nit picky details in order and have a game plan.

2. Happy House, Happy Spouse - Just a couple things on the list for this goal, mostly to get the house in order for a new year. I want to do a declutter sweep and get everything out that's no longer serving its purpose. Especially since there was an influx of new items at Christmas. I also want to work on my weekly clean home reset routine, something that I established at the end of last year. And of course, I'm going to keep going with meal planning and prep.

3. Get My Concealed Carry License - Another simple start for this goal. I just want to head to the shooting range. Hopefully more than once, but once is all it will take to check it off the list. There's one close by, so I don't see why we can't make that happen.

4. No Spend Year - This will appear in the daily section every month in 2022 - no spending. I need somewhere to track it if I'm going to be successful. And otherwise I just want to make a spending plan for the year, like marking when events and birthdays come up so I have a picture of how the year will shape up and some events I'll need to spend on (and how much.)

5. No Sugar Year - Like no spending, this will always appear in the daily section. More importantly, I need to clear the house of all sugar ASAP! Anything that's mine, that is. If it's here, I will eat it. If not, I won't go out to buy it, so it just has to go. There are some candies that are John's that will stay, but it works out that he's completely different in terms of tastes. He's all about gummy, fruity candy, and I can resist that without issue. I'm a chocolate girl. Also on the list is to plan ahead and make myself a no sugar dessert each week, like my vegan brownies.

6. How Not to Die Year (Vegan Year) - This is where I have quite a few things going. First up, is to re-read the book. I remember all the basic premises, but I want to get familiar with the details again. I also started a new 75 Hard challenge with Megan! She really wanted to do it starting January 1, and I figured why not. Which is why it also appears in my dailies - there's an app and we have a paper journal she found on Amazon so I want to track in both of those every day. Also in my dailies are following the vegan diet (which is what's recommended in How Not to Die) and taking my vitamins. Oh and for the weekly goal, it's just to do a Monday morning weigh in. But more on this goal later this week.

7. Kate Middleton Energy - For my monthly goal, I need to edit my makeup and skincare. I like what I use but some stuff is old and some is a little too bright and bold for my everyday, Kate inspired style. And it's always worth a look at your skincare routine. Skin needs change as you age, after all. Digital detox is on my weekly goals section. I don't know if Kate particularly cares about her social media consumption, but I think she stays off screens. I want to take one day off every week from all things digital. And finally for the daily goal, it's just to get myself ready every day. I took some time off from this in December when we relaxed most days, and I just feel better when I get up on time each day and do my full morning routine, including putting on light makeup and getting dressed.

8. Build a Successful Business - Last up, podcast work. I need to list and ship the January boxes ASAP. I also want to spend at least 3 full days content batching, which is where I work super far ahead on content. I also need to check in each week on the Discord server that's exclusive for patrons, since it's part of the perk this year. And ideally, I'd like to post to Instagram every week day, something that corresponds to whatever content I'm posting that day on the other (income earning) platforms.

Overall, it's a full month, every line filled. I don't always do that, but I know that I'm always extra motivated at the start of a new year, so why not work with that?!

So here's to January! What do you have planned this year/month?

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