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Monday, March 14, 2022

This post is just a quick notice, to inform you of some changes in case you want to keep following this blog. The custom domain ( is set to expire this summer and... I just don't want to pay for it again. Technically, it's not even allowed under my no spend rules! And I don't feel like it's worth the price to keep it up. So I'm letting it go. But this blog will still be available at 

Right now, the blog is redirected from my very first blog name, so (wow, so many iterations since then!) I'm going to change it later this month, but that means if you follow via some sort of RSS reader, like Feedly, you're going to have to find the new domain. It won't automatically update anymore.

I hope that makes sense? Basically, if you don't see a post in 2 weeks about my April goals, try going directly to and it will be there!

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