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Okay we're just going to pretend April didn't happen. No, I'm kidding, I'll still show my recap. I think it's important to show that some months do not go the way you planned. I wouldn't say I did none of my tasks in April, it's that I literally didn't pick up my Powersheets until April 20. I KNOW. So I didn't bother going back and filling in any of the dailies. I'm sure I avoided toxic people every day, and I'm 99% sure every day was vegan, and most days were 0 sugar, but still. This planner only works for me when I check in daily, so going back and filling in the boxes when I know I didn't look at it that day goes against what I'm trying to do, so I'm not giving myself the check marks. It'll encourage me to be better in future months (just how my brain works.) Anyway, here's the dismal look, prepare yourself:

April Recap

1. Get Married - The only goal I made significant progress on. But we have the rings, all the clothes, the dinner is booked, everything but final details done, like buying the shoes I'm eyeing. Didn't go get the license but I even mentioned that in the last post that it would probably get pushed to May just based on timing.

2. House Sanity - WE. HAVE. A. PERMIT!!! I know, you're all as shocked as I am but it FINALLY came through in mid April. So we just have to wait for a 3 day span of no rain since they start with the roof and well... April. So the start date kept getting pushed back but at least we got the permit. And that inspired me to get to work on the wardrobes and cleaning up the place, so I did give myself the weekly check marks for that because I know it was forefront of my mind and we did a lot of work on those fronts.

3. Get My Concealed Carry License - Nothing on this goal for April.

4. No Spend Year - April breakdown:
  • $571.58 on bills.
    • $41.47 security system
    • $114 electric
    • $124 gas 
    • $61.98 water/trash
    • $130.13 TV/wifi 
    • $100 house cleaning
  • $435.871 on groceries. Prices are wild.
    • $55.28 for myself - salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, grapefruit, apples, black beans, chickpeas, rotel, veggie burgers, tortillas.
    • $298.98 for John - a few snack things and frozen pizza, heavy on the essentials like eggs and almond milk, and then the meat and produce to make: pork chops, chicken thighs, pasta with meatballs, burgers, peanut chicken, steaks, stir fry, tacos, probably a couple others I'm forgetting. The cart was full, yes, but not nearly what it should have been for it being over $350.
    • $81.61 at Costco, mostly for me. Quinoa, beans, canned tomatoes, guacamole cups, some veggies, and I got cashews for John.
  • $59.12 on pet expenses.
    • $16.08 on dog treats
    • $43.04 on potty pads for Hawkeye
  • $120.94 on gas for my car. Prices are bonkers here too and unfortunately I had to drive a bunch.
  • $25 on a car wash.
  • $114.84 on an oil change.
  • $58.01 on a gift for John's cousin, for her baby shower.
  • $163.07 on household expenses.
    • $12.97 on dishwasher detergent
    • $6.05 on trash bags
    • $144.05 at Costco. Most of that expense was John's razors and Liquid IV, but I also got sponges, batteries, and some cleaning supplies.
  • $150 on entertainment (girl's night out, seeing a band, cocktails with John, lunch for Betsy's birthday)
  • Things I acquired but didn't pay for: cat food and dog treats (gift card)
I did manage to stick to my fun budget for events, and I shopped the sales the couple of times I went grocery shopping.

5. No Sugar Year - All I had was the daily goal and I didn't go back to update anything before the 20th.

6. How Not to Die Year (Vegan Year) - Woof, what an off month here. Completely stopped tracking the weight and diet so I did none of the monthly goals, not even reading the book. And most definitely not the exercising.

7. Prioritize Self Care - The fun stuff is the other thing I managed to accomplish, and how. We did a bar crawl day date, a girls night out, plus I added in a lunch with Betsy for her birthday and saw a band at a bar with Megan. Lots of fun was had. But I did not prioritizing the self care routine and absolutely did not wear the Invisalign. I know I avoided toxic people every day but again, not giving myself those marks because I didn't check in daily.

8. Build a Successful Business - GYST weekend was a success, I got so much done. I also gave myself the checks for YouTube every week because I can go back and clearly see that I posted a video every Friday. I most definitely did not post to Instagram every day, but I got into a better rhythm in the second half of the month.

May Tending List

Alright so here's the May look:

1. Get Married - Gotta get everything done, we're signing the papers June 4th! We have to go get the license, and then check off any other tiny details that are on my to do list. Everything big is done. But there's just small things left, like I need shoes that match my dress and need to make sure Eric and Beth have my mom's address and know what time to be there. Simple stuff.

2. House Sanity - The goal for May is just construction in general, making sure it progresses properly and not murdering anyone in the process. I want to keep some semblance of a cleaning routine, because the dust will kill me if I don't, but it obviously won't be the usual level. And I want to help at my mom's house each week. She comes home in a couple of days and she wants to declutter and spruce the place up a bit since we're signing the marriage papers at her house. I mean, it's literally just 6 of us and besides Beth, everyone has seen her house, so I don't know what the big deal is (and we're only going to be there for 15 minutes tops), but she likes things a certain way so I will be there to help.

3. Get My Concealed Carry License - As mentioned last month, this goal is on the back burner until the wedding stuff is done. So I'll pick this back up next month or in July.

4. No Spend Year - The usual on the daily and weekly - no spending and shopping grocery sales. As for the monthlies, I want to begin the holiday prep where gifts are concerned. I have some items already so I need to make a list and organize things better and start making a plan. And we're dog sitting! Eric and Beth are both going to start some 12 hour shifts, at the same time, so they would otherwise need to put their dog in a kennel/doggie day care, and most aren't open as early and late as they need, so he would have to stay overnight. And our house is basically dog day care anyway. Most times I watch him for free while they're out of town because it's not very often, but since it's going to be quite a few long days and early drop off times, they offered to pay. Still much less than the kennel would cost, and with me he gets constant care and attention (well, with Hawkeye). So that helps with no spend year, it's a little extra fun money and money to go towards holiday gifts.

5. No Sugar Year - The usual, no sugar every day. I also want to find a new fruit this month since the season is starting here in Chicago. I've been on nothing but apples and grapefruit for months, time to add in some berries or maybe even try something totally new.

6. How Not to Die Year (Vegan Year) - I want to try just one new dish this month. Either that I make, that my mom makes, or that we try at a vegan restaurant. And then the usual vegan diet on the daily section, plus exercise. 

7. Prioritize Self Care - For the monthlies, I'm going to get some new makeup. Mainly foundation and concealer. It's been a long time, and I would like fresh stuff for the wedding. Plus, I have Ulta gift cards, so it won't cost anything. I also include fun in self care, so it's time to start planning for street fest season! My favorite. There's one at the very end of the month, but I'm not sure if I'll make it. But there's plenty in June, July, and August so I need to start figuring out which to go to and let my friends know to add it to their calendars as well. For the more personal prep type self care, I want to do the full gua sha routine 3 times per week (I love it, I just don't always have the time every night), wear my Invisalign daily (LOL), avoid toxic people which I've been fantastic at and want to continue, and read. I sleep so much better when I read at night and stay off the screens.

8. Build a Successful Business - List and ship the boxes of the month, as always, and start prepping for June since we'll have the wedding and I won't have time that first week of June when I would normally do it. I also want to make sure I prioritize discord, instagram, and YouTube each week. Nothing crazy, no daily posting or anything, but putting in some effort to make sure each platform grows.

I sure hope I can keep better track in May than I did in April!! What do you have planned for this month?

May Goals (Powersheets Tending List)

Monday, May 2, 2022