Hi, I'm Stephanie. I believe that simple living is the key to long term health and happiness, so I try to live my life according to Blue Zone principles. I'm here to encourage you to consume less so you can live more.
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Blue Zone Living

I'm about a month into my goals and making steady progress. I plan on sharing an update next week about my January Tending List and also share what I have planned for February as far as those baby steps go. But I wanted to take a post specifically to explain the Blue Zone Living Challenge , which appears both on m…

The First First

If you don't already know this (I mentioned it on Instagram), my dad passed away on Saturday. Even though I just posted a life update about how the doctors didn't give him very long to live, it's still really hard. Knowing the end is almost here is a comfort in some ways, because we were able to say all th…

Life Updates

In my mind, it seemed like it had been a very long time since I posted. But it actually hasn't, just about 3 weeks. Perhaps it just feels longer, like everything else lately. Dad's Health I updated earlier this year about my parents' health and how that had been a struggle. Happy to report that my mom is d…

Everything That's Been Hard Lately

An ominous title for a post, I know. I do, in general, want to keep this space a spot of calmness and simplicity in a chaotic world. But before I can really do that and explain why and how I live slow and simple, I need to go back and explain all the things that were hard. This post is the only one that's a bit …

Fire Life Update

It's time!  Time for the update on how the whole fire life thing is going and answer some frequently asked questions about how it all works.

The Thing I'm Most Terrified Of (and Proud Of)

November 1st.  It brings the end of Halloween season (my favorite holiday) but it also brings my birthday month, so I usually get into celebration mode about now.  Might as well celebrate the entire month, right?  Treat yo self.  This particular November 1st is entirely different though - it brings the halfway point…